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Pothole Patrol

At this time of year, potholes begin popping up in parking lots across the country. Why? The culprit is water. Water that has seeped through cracks and remained trapped beneath the surface of your parking lot has expanded and contracted all winter long with varying weather conditions. This process results in crack widening and, in some cases, the formation of potholes.

We spotted these liabilities in our neighborhood. If your parking lot looks anything like this, it’s time to call the experts at (888) 773-ROSE!!

About Jessica Bordelon
Jessica Bordelon

Manage marketing, advertising, public relations, and corporate events for Rose Paving. Specialties: Marketing Leadership, Strategic Planning, Desktop Publishing, Web Design, Copywriting/Editing, Event Planning, Budgeting, Public Relations, Market Research

40 Years of Service

40 Years of Service

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