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Earth Day 2012

globe in hands rose paving Earth Day 2012Did you know?  Earth Day is Sunday, April 22.

The fight for a clean environment continues.  Do your part to care for the planet!  Check out this list of 15 Earth Day tips that really make a difference.  Suggestions involve reusable shopping bags to the use of everyday appliances in our homes.  For the complete list, click here!

As the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day approaches, what steps are you taking to preserve the planet?



About Jessica Bordelon
Jessica Bordelon

Manage marketing, advertising, public relations, and corporate events for Rose Paving. Specialties: Marketing Leadership, Strategic Planning, Desktop Publishing, Web Design, Copywriting/Editing, Event Planning, Budgeting, Public Relations, Market Research

One thought on “Earth Day 2012

  1. Re-usable shopping bags are a great idea and such a simple one. Good tip!

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40 Years of Service

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